TEDxWarrington Event Date Update

UPDATE, 20 December 2021

We’re delighted to announce the re-launch of the TEDx Warrington planning process and confirm the new event date as


Our overall event theme - 'Build Connection, Strengthen Communities' - remains the same and is now more important than ever.

In light of events in the past two years though and in the spirit of the TEDx concept, we want to make sure we attract the best new “ideas worth sharing” to our stage. The organising team has decided to open up
speaker applications beyond the original talk categories to allow for talks in two new categories:

Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Embracing Change

The speaker application process opens at 12 noon on Friday 7th January and will run until 12 noon on Wednesday 9th February.

For prior applicants: we stand by our promise to honour and review your previous video submissions. All applicants who submitted before the 8 March 2020 deadline have been emailed with the options open to them.

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SPEAK at TEDxWarrington

In light of events of the past two years, the organising team have decided to open up speaker applications in two new categories: Diversity & Inclusion and Embracing Change. Due to the volume of applications received for the postponed event, we cannot accept applications that do not fit into one of these two categories.

Please download and read the speaker application guidance notes and complete our online application form. The closing date for new speaker applications is 12 noon on Wednesday 9th February 2022. No applications will be accepted after this time.

All previous speaker applications will be honoured and previous applicants have been sent an email about the next steps. Short-listed speakers will be invited to attend our speaker programme. Please note, this is not confirmation of a guaranteed speaking slot.

More about our new categories...

Diversity & Inclusion

We’ve seen many important discussions around equality in recent months: Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ awareness, access to school meals, use of food banks, gender pay gap reporting, disability rights, and age discrimination to name a few. Do you have a big idea that will empower our communities to respect and appreciate difference?

Embracing Change

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, we’ve all had to cope with a huge amount of change over the past two years. Have you been part of a change that has been transformational for your community, organisation or personal life?

ATTEND TEDxWarrington

Once released, tickets will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Please note TEDx licencing and venue capacity for this particular event limit attendance to 100 people.

We expect tickets to be in high demand so please keep an eye on this website and follow Facebook and Twitter for ticket updates.

SUPPORT TEDxWarrington

TEDx events are about sharing independent ideas that spark conversation, forge connections, challenge thinking and inspire people.

If you’d like to support the event, either through lending your time, expertise or sponsoring part of the event, please email the organising team. Ideally, partners must be based in or near Warrington, Cheshire. See our current partners.

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What's TEDxWarrington all about?

A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. The event is fully planned and coordinated by an independent team of volunteers.

The theme of TEDxWarrington is ‘Build connection, Strengthen communities’ to showcase Warrington’s independent thinking yet collaborative spirit. Speakers will share fresh and innovative ideas that could have a positive impact on communities, particularly in the local area.

Who's responsible for organising TEDxWarrington?

TEDxWarrington is led by local businesswoman and entrepreneur, Kirsty James. Kirsty has brought together a stellar team of Warrington business owners to support her in the delivery of the event. You can get in touch with Kirsty and the team at organisingteam@tedxwarrington.co.uk.

How can I apply to be a speaker?

Please read our Speaker Application Guidance Notes then, if you think you’ve got what it takes and have an idea that fits into one of our two new categories, complete the online application form. Speaker applications close at 12 noon on Wednesday 9th February 2022.

I applied for the 2020 event that was postponed. Will my speaker application still stand?

Yes, all applications received by the original deadline will be honoured and previous applicants were sent an email on 21/12/21 about the next steps. Prior applicants have the option of their original submission being upheld or they can choose to submit a new application via the speaker application form.

What is the speaker programme?

The speaker programme will take place between 28 April - 25 May 2022. All short-listed applicants will be invited to attend on key dates to hone their presentation content and develop their speaking skills. Please note, this is not confirmation of a guaranteed speaking slot. The Speaker Selection Panel will make the final decision on the speaker line-up on 26 May 2022.

Are there any major changes to the application criteria since 2020?

Yes, some of the conditions for application have changed. Speakers need to be UK based to mitigate the risk of disruption due to travel or Covid restrictions. Weighting will be given to speakers in the North-West region to promote regional and local content and facilitate attendance at rehearsals.

Are there any opportunities for local people and businesses to support the event?

Yes. If you’d like to support the event, either through lending your time, expertise or sponsoring part of the event, please email your details to organisingteam@tedxwarrington.co.uk. Ideally, event sponsors will be based in or near Warrington, Cheshire.

When and where will TEDxWarrington take place?

Thursday 23rd June 2022, 6pm - 9pm.

The Pyramid and Parr Hall, Warrington WA1 1BL

Where can I purchase event tickets?

Tickets are not yet on sale. Please keep an eye on this website and follow our Facebook page and Twitter feed @TEDxWarrington for ticket updates.

How can I get involved in the event?

There are four ways to get involved in TEDxWarrington: as a speaker, volunteer, sponsor or audience member.

How can I keep up-to-date with news about TEDxWarrington?

The best way to keep informed is by following our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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